2018 Accident Reports

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18MPD0012 18MPD0027 18MPD0036 18MPD0038 18MPD0040 18MPD0060 18MPD0063
18MPD0075 18MPD0080 18MPD0105 18MPD0106 18MPD0108 18MPD0111 18MPD0120
18MPD0122 18MPD0138 18MPD0139 18MPD0156 18MPD0160 18MPD0210 18MPD0198
18MPD0222 18MPD0226 18MPD0232 18MPD0231 18MPD0244 18MPD0250 18MPD0264
18MPD0268 18MPD0270 18MPD0305 18MPD0312 18MPD0331 18MPD0348 18MPD0356
18MPD0363 18MPD0401 18MPD0403 18MPD0421 18MPD0425 18MPD0443  




The reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader to view them. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer click HERE.